Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lee puts shaving foam on his ball bearings...

We were told that fixing the sail would cost about 3000 dollers. Lee realigned the boom and replaced the bearings in the main furling unit and then retuned the rig so that it had less rake (bend in the mast) and now it is working fine. We're off out for a sail in the Todos Santos bay on Saturday.


  1. For 3000$ you can almost get a new sail :(

    Was there something wrong with your sail, or did you just have to re-tune to get the furler working smoothly?

    BTW, nice spinnaker shot for the blog background.

  2. There was nothing wrong with the sail itself but we thought that the mast would have to be unstepped and all of the internals replaced. It was mainly just bearing replacement and retuning that my genius husband was able to do himself ;-)