Monday, March 19, 2012

Puerto Los Cabos to Frailes

 We have just arrived in Ensenada de los Muertos after a nice short 50 mile trip. It has been a nice calm day and we caught ourselves another Pacific Bonito. There's a restaurant on the beach which we will go to tonight. We have just come from Bahia los Frailes which is next to a marine sanctuary where we spent two days. 

On our first night in Los Frailes we heard something that sounded like fireworks, when we stepped outside the boat we were amazed to see that we were surrounded by manta rays jumping out of the water, hundreds of them. When we shined the torch in the water we could also see hundreds of tiny little red eyes looking at us followed by views of many different fish.


Solent off the beach

Serena and Lee on beach lookout

We took a walk to Playa Serenita with the silver lining crew and spent the day on the beach snorkeling and enjoying the sun. 

Lee looking for a clear path out of the desert!

Lee looking for a clear path out of the desert

The walk to the beach was very long and hot so we were happy when a truck came by and offered us a lift. The walk back was interesting; we decided to take a shortcut as we didn't fancy the 3 mile hike back to our anchorage so we peeled back some barbed wire and headed off through the desert instead of taking the road. We had to scramble through sand covered with spiky cactus and brush with thorns which we had to pull out of our shoes every now and then. We made it back to our beach just before dark and thankfully our dinghies were still there. We got some great footage of the fish with our underwater camera. Los Frailes really captured the spirit of the Sea of Cortez for us so decided to stay for another day and the following night (last night) we decided to make a bonfire on the beach with Elan, Ashley and Apollo from Silver Lining. We arrived at the beach and started gathering stones, and wood for the fire. Lee dashed off over the hill to the lagoon and 15 minutes later he came back with a whole tree! Lee made two fires, one for our food and another one to sit around. 

Getting ready for the BBQ

Before Los Frailes we spend two nights at the Puerto Los Cabos marina. We got a slip for half price as it had no power but who needs power when we are generating 550 watts at 40 amps per hour with our solar panels! Lee even turned on the AC electric water heater at one point! This had a lovely marina with a nice little restaurant called The Container. We went into town and were able to do our laundry which we haven't done for almost a month! We found an organic market out of town and visited a local cactus garden which carries hundreds of cactus species.

At the organic festival.


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  1. Nice Tree - Lee
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