Sunday, May 6, 2012

6 days at sea and three country's later

After 6 nights at sea we have arrived at Bahia del sol, El Salvador and have just dropped anchor outside the estuary. We have to wait here until high tide which is in about 4 hours time when a pilot on a jet ski will come and guide us in to the channel which is not visible due to the waves and across the sandbar. It's supposed to be an exciting ride in so hopefully we have a smooth approach.

We encountered our first Pacific squall/thunderstorm off the coast of Guatemala yesterday. We had a good track of it on the radar and was able to head for the narrowest path through to the other side. We had some fairly big seas on the way through with winds of 35 knots and heavy rain, but the boat handled great and it was quite a fun time after 6 days of relatively calm sea. After about 2-3 hours we were through and into calmer waters.

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  1. Miss you guys! Let us know if you need line handlers for Panama! ;)