Saturday, January 7, 2012

Avalon, Catalina

We headed off toward Catalina Island just before sunset for an all night trip. We kept a good look out for crab pots until the light faded and then had to rely on lady luck. Our first waypoint had us negotiating our way through 8 oil platforms which were well lit and like Christmas Trees on the water. Once clear of the platforms we turned towards Catalina and ran in parallel to the shipping lane. This is normally busy as we are in the vicinity of Los Angeles, but we only had to negotiate 3 large freighters before crossing the shipping lane when no traffic was around. We also had to cross the Pacific Missile Test Area, but fortunately there was no activity.  The sun rose just as we were approaching Avalon and the view was outstanding.

Penny Lane with a Liverpool football club flag moored in Avalon alongside Solent
There are no real cars in Avalon, just golf carts

spot Solent

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  1. Nice one guys, look like a great place; well jealous!