Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just a quick one...
Today we went into Ensenada and were offered two newborn pitbull puppies for $25! I don't like pit bull's much but as babies they were adorable. The Mexican guy with no teeth placed one in my arms and the other in Katie's. We held them for a while but Lee wouldn't let us keep them so we gave them back. They were grey with big blue eyes. When we tried to give them back he started lowering the price!
We had fish taco's, pina colada's and marguerites in town then visited the civic center/museum/church/bar/restaurant/garden/theatre.
We have made amazing progress on the solar panels, invertor and water maker and Lee will blog about these tomorrow. I've got to go as Lewis has made us a sausage surprise.

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  1. So Two pit bulls on a boat might be a prob? Yep.But they would be making sure nobody came aboard who shouldn't when older in about 6 months!!trouble if u trip over them when in a storm though!!
    Love dad