Friday, May 4, 2012

Crossing the border

Just two hrs until we reach the border and then we'll be in Guatemala. Four nights at sea so far and just another two to go before we make El Salvador.
We're sad to loose our buddy boat silver lining after their engine broke but were glad that they were able to tow themselves safely into the marina. We'll be waiting for you in Panama Silver Lining.


  1. Good grief! The balaclava clad navy would have been enough of a worry. Take care in Guatemala.
    Love dad

  2. Thanks Solent. We will see you South. The mechanic can't fix the Perkins (as expected), or find another, so our delay will be a few weeks, but we hope to have a new Yanmar or Beta installed within the month. We shall see. The marina is nice, but there isn't much here. Take good pics of all the places you go so we can pretend to be there!!!