Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Journey to Mexico
About to cross the US border to Mexico 
Officially in Mexico

We're in Mexico so I whipped up a south of the border stylie breakfast

Baby Raphael Louis Alfred Moreton is born and we receive the news via the Satellite  phone!

Hooray! well done Louise.

Uh Oh, some traffic. Hope they're not moving.
Surrounded by dolphins that escorted us for 20 minutes. 

I tried to convince them to stay

Captain Sparky


  1. Nice one guys, liking the pics! Just up in the middle of the night on another baby feed.
    There really is no good tv on during the night; so your posts are a god send for the sleep deprived!

    How did they handle the border controls; did the coast guard come out?

  2. No way. Hope the little dude is behaving himself. No coast guard and they didn't even care that my passport expires in a couple of months, just gave me 6 month visa. The boat has it on visa till 2022!

    Have to call you and go through the details

  3. Sounds cool. Let me know when you have a wifi connection, and we can Skype!

  4. Great pics guys. Was the check-in in Ensenada easy? Which marina did you end up staying at?

  5. The check in took 3 hours and we really just stood around like lemons while our rep from marina coral ran around the office from one window to another organizing everything for us. Our rep said that it used to take just 30 mins but they recently changed the process and now its much more difficult. We received our visas but realized that they hadn't done the import permit for the boat so Lee had to go back the next day. It took 1.5 hrs to get the import permit. Marina Coral is great, it has everything we need and more and the people are really friendly.

  6. Good to see your Kiwi ingenuity coming to the for.

  7. Love the blog !! Can't wait to see photos of Mexico!!