Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bahia Del Sol

We have been in El Salvador for a week now and have spent lots of time landlubbing. The marina is part of a hotel complex named Bahia Del Sol that is mostly used by more wealthy Salvadorians that own time share's. We have the boat in a slip, but there are also mooring buoys close by with which you can pay a small daily fee to use the hotel facilities.   The hotel has a nice restaurant and two swimming pools, one overlooking the marina and the other overlooking the beach. Lee is loving the $1 beers.

On Monday we explored the hotel and took a walk around the surrounding area.

Hotel Bahia Del Sol

We took a nice long walk along the beach which is beautiful but covered in debris, mostly huge chunks of wood but there's also an alarming number of shoe soles, apparently good for making fires. 
You cannot swim in the water, if you tried you would probably not make it out alive as the current and waves are so strong. 

 There is an abandoned boat on the beach which we later found out is used as a platform for a DJ during the weekend beach parties.
Katie was very excited to find her first sand dollar.  

 We came across a sunken house that someone had built on the sand! I don't think they dug any foundations which is a shame as the house didn't look too old and was actually very nice. As we approached the house we discovered that it was occupied by a few stray dogs so we quickly backed away and moved on towards a village which was beyond some storm torn palapa restaurants.
The wise man built his house upon the rocks...

Heading in shore to the village

The following evening we took a walk to the local Pupuseria with a group of cruisers from the marina to try pupusa's. A pupusa is a traditional Salvadoran dish that is made from a thick, hand made corn tortilla and filled with either soft cheese, refried beans, some sort of meat paste or lorocco which is a vine flower bud. Lee and I ordered 5 pupusa's and 2 beers which only cost $5. 
After dinner we walked to the beach where our friend Zack had built a bonfire. Zack had just switched out his kerosene stove for a propane one and wanted to get rid of the huge tank of kerosene that he had on his boat so we all decided that it was a good opportunity to have some beers on the beach while we burnt stuff. He is sailing across the pacific on his own and is leaving El Salvador any day now. 

Eventually the whole tank ended up on the fire 

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  1. I'm glad you missed the storm/microburst in Bahia del Sol. Your adventure looks like it is progressing well. We're enjoying your blog! Robin & Kathryn