Sunday, August 19, 2012

Los Suenos Marina, Herradura, Costa Rica

It's been some time since we last updated our blog. One key reason is that we have been stationary at Los Suenos marina, Herradura in Costa Rica for 2 and a half months. It's a great marina that has no less than 7 restaurants including an amazing sushi place! 

We haven't only been relaxing though and have also been busy working and preparing the boat for our trip south as well. Serena went back to work in the US while I worked on the boat in Costa Rica. 

Serena went to Texas, California and Illinois and even managed a visit to see Nicole in Canada. We also managed to travel together back to San Francisco where we were able to finally get our storage container emptied and visit all of our friends at Westpoint. 

While Serena was in the office, I visited Santa Monica Blvd

As a consequence of emptying our storage locker we now have items that no other cruiser in the Pacific is likely to have, two sets of ski's. We also brought back two bikes! We got some strange looks at the airport arriving in Costa Rica with ski's, but also some strange looks in the US when we checked in 6 very unusually shaped bags. When we returned to the boat we had to get to work in making room for all of this extra stuff so we had a massive week long clear out where we became quite famous for our trash with the marina workers. We hadn't realized that they go through everyones rubbish and recycle everything and so they had a field day with all of the stuff we were getting rid of. We literally had 5 sacks of rubbish a day for a week. Here are some pictures just to give you an idea of the size of this little project. 

I hate to think of the distance most of this has traveled and how much faster the boat might have been without it. 

Serena has been dying to see a crocodile since Mexico where we saw many croc warning signs but no actual crocs. Well that all changed while were in Los Suenos and have now seen more than we care for. You wont find us swimming off the back of the boat as often as we used to.

So now that the boat is in order we're ready to leave the comforts of Los Suenos and head back out into the wild! Our first stop is Manuel Antonio national park.

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