Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On our first night in San Diego, I am busy drying my hair when I hear a noise. Living on a boat you become desensitized to the everyday boat noises but extremely sensitive to any other noises that you do not recognize and so I got worried when I heard a strange crackling noise. It was loud enough to hear over the hair dryer. I switched the hair dryer off and opened the door to see if it was Lee. He was on the phone and wasn't responsible for the noise. I went back to drying my hair but i kept switching the hairdryer off to listen. It sounded like burning paper - very worrying on a boat. I informed Lee and we spent the next hour trying to find the source. We were laying on the floor listening, walked around the boat with a torch, pulled up the floors, disconnected the shore power etc but no luck. Lee decided to look online and found lots of stories from concerned boaters that had experienced the same thing. It turns out that the noise comes from some giant clawed boat slapping shrimps! We've been here for over a week now and the things don't stop.

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  1. We forgot to tell you about them! Every boat going south has funny stories about hearing them for the first time... they do sound like crackling fire! Good news is, they stop usually once you get to mainland Mexico :)