Monday, May 7, 2012

Surfing Solent into El Salvador

We have just arrived (yesterday) at our first stop in El Salvador at a marina in Bahia del Sol. This is a marina with a difference as to access it you have to cross a sand bar that has some of the best surf in Central America; were talking some big waves to cross. To get across requires good timing and full speed while riding the surf across the sand bar. I've never taken our boat surfing before so it was an apprehensive time for Serena and I.

Our guide arrived on a jet ski and after a lot of positioning just behind the breaking waves we were told to gun it at full speed. I slammed the boat to max throttle and we sped towards shore. The wave caught up with us and as we started to surf took us from 7 knots to 11 knots as we rode the wave across. An adrenaline rush to be sure.

The staff at the hotel and marina we were staying at were there to meet us with cocktails along with the customs and immigration officials. A great start to our stay in El Salvador and time for a much needed rest after a week at sea.

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  1. Crazy photos! Not many people have a photo of their boat surfing, the rest of us has to settle for embellished stories :) You guys are rock stars at cruising! :)