Thursday, May 17, 2012

Solent is almost ready to leave El Salvador

We have finally put the name on the boat (5 years late) and done a lot of maintenance to Solent while enjoying our stay at Bahia del Sol. We have upgraded the pump for the Air con so we are now fine in the warmer waters of the tropics, repaired the outboard fuel line which was broken in large swell, arranged for Solent to have its bottom cleaned and zinc's changed (tomorrow), the shelf is back up after falling in some big waves and the cracked radar mount has been fixed.

Seeing the Port Captain in an hour to check out of the country and immigration in the morning before heading to Costa Rica via a run down the coast of Nicaragua, but first a much needed beer and lunch down the estuary from our marina following a successful dingy test!

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  1. Get ready for me, I'm pleased the air conditioning is back on xx