Sunday, May 13, 2012

San Salvador

We headed into to the capital of El Salvador today. It was mainly a provisioning run to Walmart for Groceries and to see if we could pick up new pump for the Air-Conditioning unit. With the increased water temperature now >90 Degrees F (32 C), the AC has been struggling to get get rid of the heat and shutting down. A higher flow rate pump is required so we were trying our best to track one down.

We did manage to include a few sites though and took a trip to the number two attraction in San Salvador which is the church Iglesia Elrosario. When we arrived, it didn't look like much from the outside, more like a bomb shelter than a church so we thought we might be in the wrong place.

Once we went inside we found something totally unique and quite amazing.

It had the most unique stained glass windows on three walls.

After picking up a new pump from a great hardware store i decided to pick up some Pupusa's for the trip home from the Pupusa stand by the church.

Trying to order it was difficult. I tried to order two which i thought was two dollars, but was given back one dollar and given two packs of four Pupusa's. It was a cheap meal as i got 8 Pupusa's and salad for a buck!

When we got back to the boat it was over 100 Degree's F (38 C) inside the boat. Serena and I got busy installing the new pump as soon as we could so we could cool the boat down.

We had it fitted in a little under an hour and the air con is now working fine. We even got woken up in the middle of the night to a freezing boat that was 60 deg (15 C) so it's working fine again!

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