Friday, March 23, 2012

La Paz update

 We have been in la Paz for a week now and we are having a great time. We start Spanish lessons today and then we are planning to head up to isla espiritu santos and isla partida on Tuesday of next week where we will explore the islands for a few weeks before heading to Mazatalan on the main land. 

We some updates from our trip to la Paz to still add which we will post in the next couple of days before heading north.

On Mon 27th Feb we caught our first fish and we havnt stopped since. We caught a pacific bonito between Bahia ASuncion and Man O War cove in Bahia MAgdalena. This trip was about 250 miles. 

He made a huge mess of the cockpit

We all wanted to have our photo taken with the fish so Lee held it up for us but we didn't realize that he was about to start flipping around and spraying blood all over us and the cockpit. You can see he made quite a mess of the boat! Next time i think we'll avoid the fishy photo shoot. We grabbed a plastic bag to stick him in but he munched his way out of the bottom. This was a very hard fish to kill but we managed it eventually and here you can see the huge fillets that we got.

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