Monday, March 26, 2012

It's time to leave la Paz

We will be leaving La Paz today and heading to Puerto Ballandra to see the famous mushroom rock, "El Hongo". The last 24 hrs have been crazy busy as we have been getting the boat ready for our next trip. In just 24 hours Lee has managed to Install a new depth sounder, change the water impeller, and change the oil. We have bought and stowed all of our food and all that is left on the list is to refill our propane tanks and do some laundry, then we should be ready to leave.



  1. Great fish Lee, your Dad must be very proud, I think he thinks he is the only fisherman in the family, Love Mum

  2. Hi Serena & Lee,
    I hope you have great time. When will you come back???
    the next post must be in Spanish, ok???
    Kisses and hughes,

  3. Hi Serena and Lee!

    I sent Lee an email message but not sure I have the right address and I can't find Serena's? I have news to share with you and would love to catch up a bit. Cheers! Claudia

  4. Hey CLaudia hope all is well with you. Use