Thursday, December 15, 2011

Haven't been able to post in the last 6 days so wanted to update everyone on our travels so far.

Day One

On the 15th December we set sail from Westpoint harbor for South Beach where we were to meet up with Mike and Sherry. Traditionally you cut the dock line as you head off cruising, but we rather unconventionally cut our water hose as it was still connected to the dock when we were due to leave!

We arrived at South Beach Marina in San Francisco at 4pm which gave us plenty of time to get tied up before it got dark. We were lucky to get the large guest dock which made for an easy entry and exit.
We had a really good dinner at the Townsend restaurant just opposite the marina.

The weather looked good for the trip the next day, but one of the challenges we faced was that we were leaving in the middle of crab season and there would be many crab pots to avoid. We planned to be at least 15 miles off shore to avoid these.

After dinner and to avoid scurvy on the journey Serena prepared a couple of roast dinners for the trip.

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