Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day Two

We left the next morning at 10am after Sherry and Mike joined us at South Beach Marina and was out the Golden Gate bridge by noon! This is the moment we had been dreaming of and it was great to finally be having our dream come true.
*Lee forgot to mention the reason why we didn't leave at 8.30am as planned... we had to cut off a piece of the engine with a hack saw!

We spent the rest of the afternoon motoring down the coast. We had done a great job of avoiding the crab pots all day and had gone 25 miles offshore to make sure we were clear during the night. We were now in         380 feet of water which should be too deep for crab pots when suddenly there was a load bang and the motor sounded loaded up. Just when we thought we were clear and 20 minutes before nightfall we had managed to hook a crab pot!

Sherry jumped into the freezing cold water wearing Mike's wetsuit which was way too big and tried valiantly to untangle the prop, but was not able to have much success because she needed more than one pair of hands. One hand to stop herself from hitting the boat, one for swimming and a third hand for sawing the ropes. The only option was to sail through the night back into Monterey which was 30 miles back toward the coast and then have a diver come and clear the prop. Luckily we had good wind and made good progress through the night and arrived in Monterey early in the morning.

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