Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Canal Transit is Scheduled for Saturday 6th October!

We were inspected this morning and measured for the canal transit. We had to get up early (for us) and take the boat down to La Playita to get the boat boarded and measured as they would not come to the Yacht club. So we were up at 8am and then had to get clearance to transit close to the channel down to La Playita. The canal authority have been great to deal with though.

We now are booked in for a transit on Saturday 6th October! You can even see us during the transit on the Panama Canal webcams! We'll be going through the Miraflores locks some time in the morning (probably early).

The website for the cams can be found at

We'll have the spot tracker on so you will be able to see where we are in the canal transit and which camera to look at by seeing our current position from the 'Where are we now' page from our blog.

Thanks to Octavia for sending the link to the Cam's. Please take a screenshot of the cam if you see us and email!

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