Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mexico's Oldest Pub and where the Margarita started

Ventured out into Ensenada again today for some more exploring. While cloudy it was a warm 26 degrees C and we arrived at lunch time for the obligatory fish taco and beer lunch which only cost us $3.50 each for three taco's and a beer.

We gave in to the street merchants once again and bought a hammock to join the mexican hat we bought earlier in the week. The hammock will come in handy though as it's a one person upright one that we can swing off a halyard.

Our newly purchased hammock

We headed down to Hussong's Cantina in the afternoon for some drinks at Mexico's (and the the whole of California as well) oldest pub.

Hussong's is fairly famous as the place where the Margarita was created for Margarita Henkel, daughter of the German Ambassador to Mexico. 

Serena trying her Margarita at the place that started it all.
Hussong's got filled up fast with it being a Friday night and is frequented by nearly all locals and it was great that it wasn't touristy at all except for the photographer who took our picture. If you can believe it that's a Polaroid camera he took our picture with below. 

Our Photographer
The music they had was authentic Mexican and we were blown away with the amazing sound they could produce.

Playing La Bamba for us

Mexican entertainment at it's best

Girl who just stood up and started singing had the most amazing voice

We only planned on staying for one drink, but had soon settled in for the night.

Price list. Beers are $2.50!
Lewis and I tried their premium sipping Tequila. Well i sipped mine and Lewis sculled his.

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