Saturday, September 22, 2012

Last Flight of Space Shuttle Endeavor

Serena and I are back in San Francisco for a couple of weeks and as luck would have it the last flight of space shuttle Endeavor is taking place while we are here. Admittedly, it's flying on the back of a 747, but still great to see. The shuttle is set to pass low over the NASA Ames research airfield which did a lot of the work on the shuttle and they have opened it to the public for the event.

Hanger One - Built in 1930's as an airship hanger
NASA Control Tower

Main runway

I was there with our friends Petter and Octavia to watch the event unfold.

Octavia and Petter 

The flight was a bit delayed due to fog in San Francisco, but at around 10:45am we saw one of the jet support planes coming in and then the shuttle itself riding on the back of the 747 transport!

I only had our little point and shoot camera so you cant see how close it actually was, but it was probably only 500 feet or so above us!

I remembered my mum and dad waking my brother and i to see the first take off and landing of the shuttle as a little kid, so it was good to be able to see the end of that era.

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